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For Your Eyes Only


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Energetic Eye Lift
The treatment starts with our Herbal Eye Mask, which contains fermented kelp, spirulina, our 5-herb, whole-plant skin nourishing infusion and clay which prepares the skin around the eyes to accept phototherapy. In addition to integrated therapies of LED light, which boosts collagen, we use Facial Point Stimulation (Facial Reflexology), Gua Sha and lymphatic drainage to improve both the physical functioning of the skin as well as the energetic messages of the subtle body providing lasting results that actually improve over time.

When will I see the results? Though the skin will appear firmer and more uplifted immediately, the full results of this service are most visible in 10-14 days and may even continue to improve. The results are actual and cumulative.

30 minutes {+$130}

Ultrasonic/Microcurrent Eye Lift
Ultrasonic waves provide a unique type of massage that smooths out the eye area while active vitamins (such as DMAE) and Calming Botanicals penetrate the skin to tighten the under-eye area, reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. Micro-current is then utilized to give the muscles around the eye a specialized workout: resulting in an immediate temporary lift. Great when you have something important you want to feel and look awake for!

30 minutes {+$130}

Integrated Eye Lift
Both the Energetic Eye Lift and the Ultrasonic/Microcurrent Eye Lift can be performed together for a treatment that gives immediate gratification but continues to improve the area as time goes on for actual, lasting results.

50 minutes {+$240}

No artificial chemicals or preservatives are used in our treatments.