The Solution
For Damaged Skin

  • The Solution<br><i>For Damaged Skin</i>

This solution of Colloidal Silver, Magnesium, Potassim, Sodium and 70 other trace minerals into Organic hydrosols of Chamomile and Helichrysum is unsurpassed in its ability to rejuvenate skin that has experienced past damage. This unique Mineral Mist is specially formulated for skin prone to inflammation, scars, sun damage, and bacterial issues.

Spray 4-6 pumps of The Solution directly into 3 drops of your Functional Skincare Oil or the moisturizer of your choice.

Excellent with Magick Potion Lotion: Apply Magick Potion Lotion and then mist your skin with a few sprays of The Solution overtop. Massage in upward circular motions. Allow to soak in completely before applying makeup.