Silk Serum : Décolletage & Neck

  • Silk Serum : Décolletage & Neck
  • Silk Serum : Décolletage & Neck

Especially lovely for the Décolletage, Neck, & Bust (and timeworn Hands)

Silk proteins have the remarkable effect of holding moisture, repairing & smoothing while firming the skin. Over time, this serum aids sun damage, inflammation and signs of aging. Lovely when liberally applied daily and massaged in with firm circular, upward strokes.

Did You Know?
The skin’s topmost layer, the epidermis, naturally sheds its old, unneeded layers continuously--leaving the fresher-looking, younger, smooth skin at the surface. This process is suppressed in many individuals due to age, hormonal shifts, and environmental damage resulting in dull, dry skin, wrinkles, and loss of firmness. No where is this damage more visible than on the neck and décolletage area, which is surprisingly delicate and often overlooked. The best medicine is prevention, always covering up in the sun to prevent long term damage. But even in the best of circumstances, this area benefits from special attention. We have found natural silk proteins to be the best ingredient for protection and renewal for the décolletage, neck and perhaps hands showing signs of environmental damage.

How to Use
Morning or Evening Use: After splashing with water or cleansing, spray directly on neck, décolletage and around the bust. Massage in upward circular motions with a firm touch of the finger tips. Leave to absorb. Follow with moisturizer or sunscreen as desired.