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Seeds of Change: Facial Moisture & Renewal Oil


Image of Seeds of Change: Facial Moisture & Renewal Oil

Botanical renewal oil for hardened, sun-damaged, wrinkled, scarred and mature skin. Appropriate for use on face and body. These antioxidant oils pressed from organic seeds help to renew the skin’s surface by encouraging cellular turnover, sloughing off damaged skin cells and promoting an antioxidant response element (A.R.E.) in the skin. High levels of healthy fatty acids improve over-active inflammatory actions, leaving skin radiant.

A human skin cycle is generally considered to be about 28 days, though it gets longer as we grow older. It takes a mere 28 days for baby cells to mature and then become our outer layer cells before they slough off and become part of the outside world. But this event is not merely a cycle; every time a new cell is created it is slightly changed and does not renew exactly as the time before. Seeds of Change is a lovely way to take this opportunity to support your skin in renewing in an upward spiral of health and beauty!

• Brightening
• Toning

Great for those who experience
• Wrinkles
• Sun damage
• Scars
• PIH (Post-inflammation hyper-pigmentation)
• Thickened skin

And may be looking for
• Renewal

How to Use

For A.R.E. Evening Renewal
• Drip 10-15 drops of Seeds of Change into your palm and apply to the areas of the face and body you wish to address.
• Massage with warm, wet fingertips for as many enjoyable minutes as possible (in the shower is also great) and always remember to remove with a warm, wet washcloth.
• A few times a week, head off to bed without your Moisture Duo to allow your skin to perform a vital reset as you sleep.
• For best results, do this 3-6 weeks at a time and then go back to NO EVIL or Cow Fart Juice as your oil cleanser.
• Repeat 2-4 times a year.

Weekly Booster
Follow the directions of A.R.E Evening Renewal above one night per week during your "off" times. Keep in mind that we are trying to create a condition that improves during the recovery time. So give your skin time to recover!

Weekly Exfoliation Ritual
• Apply 1 tsp Sow Your Wild Oats mixed with 1 tsp hot water directly on top of Seeds of Change. Massage with wet fingertips and remove with a warm, wet washcloth.

*You know when it is time to take a break when you start to notice the glow isn’t as glow-y as when you started.

If you have generally healthy, well-functioning skin that has seen a lot of damage in the past and you want to give it a kick start

Moisture Duo
• Drip 3 drops of Seeds of Change Oil in your palm and spray 5-6 pumps of your Mineral Mist directly into the oil.
• Massage into face for 1 minute and allow to absorb.
• For best results, do this 3-6 weeks at a time and then go back to Nourish & Replenish Oil. Repeat 2-4 times a year.

Oil Cleanser or Pre-Cleanser with Sow Your Wild Oats
• In the evening, drip 10-15 drops of Seeds of Change Oil in your palm and massage in to dry skin before removing with a warm, wet washcloth. Can be used daily for up to six weeks at a time.

Spot Treatment
Periodically dab a drop onto the areas you wish to address after your Moisture Duo or mix 1 drop into your coverup during your “on” times.

Pure Olive Squalane & the Following Organic Cold-Pressed Seed Oils: Simmondsia Chinensis (Golden Jojoba), Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot Kernel), Vacinnium Macrocarpon (Cranberry), Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin), Brassica Oleracea Italica (Broccoli) & Rosa Rubignosa (Rosehip)

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