Pure Raw Neem Oil
Plant Care

$16.00 - $20.00
  • Pure Raw Neem Oil <br><i> Plant Care</i>
  • Pure Raw Neem Oil <br><i> Plant Care</i>

Organic Pest & Fungal Control

This nutrient rich seed oil pressed from the seeds of the Azadirachta indica tree inhibit molting cycles of pest insects, stimulate an immune response in plants to ward off fungal disease, and contribute considerably to overall plant health. Effective natural defense against Aphids, Mealybugs, Scale, Whiteflies, Mites, Root Rot, Black Spot, Sooty Mold, fungi, mildews and rusts. 100% Biodegradable.

Use: Dillute to 1% Neem Solution and add a natural castile soap (Such as Clean & Green Hand Soap) to emulsify in water in a spray or pump bottle
Ratio: 1 tsp Neem Oil with 4 pumps of soap in 2 cups of water.
Use your solution within 8 hours and then rinse your sprayer well. Apply in the morning or evening.
Before spraying a an entire plant, test a small area and wait 24 hours to see if there is damage. Not harmful to food, honeybees, earthworms, ants, spiders, ladybugs, or butterflies.
Before dilution, this product is very powerful: Avoid Eye and Skin contact and rinse if it occurs. Do not ingest. Keep away from Children. Good for 5 years if kept dry & in favorable conditions.

Pure Raw Neem Oil