Jasmine, Mandarin & Ylang Ylang

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  • OH d' BROOKLYN <br><i>Jasmine, Mandarin & Ylang Ylang</i>
  • OH d' BROOKLYN <br><i>Jasmine, Mandarin & Ylang Ylang</i>
  • OH d' BROOKLYN <br><i>Jasmine, Mandarin & Ylang Ylang</i>

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Welcome to another Oh d'Brooklyn: Jasmine, Mandarin & Ylang Ylang: An incredible combination of exotic florals, super fresh and summer in a bottle. It calls to mind stepping outside into the night air in Costa Rica, surrounded by a rich garden bursting with blooms.

Choose between a Tiny One (comes with a jute bag to throw in a purse,) a 10ml Roller Version, or a Big One to sit on the boudoir shelf and look as amazing as it smells. Or one of each.

Jasmine, Mandarin & Ylang Ylang
Jasmine, precious night-blooming white flowers, have been used for millenia to calm the nervous system and dissolve emotional barriers, allowing fora deepening connection to the self and others.
Mandarin is known for its happiness promotion properties, relieving stress and bringing attention to the blessing of the present moment.
Ylang ylang has a deep earthy greenery, traditionally used in love tonics.
Charged with Orange Citrine Crystal for high vibration.

Apply according to your mood and renew as often as you like. This scent will fade as it evaporates into the ether, transporting your dreams and the desires of your heart.

Organic Alcohol, Organic Jasmine Essential Oil, Organic Mandarin Essential Oil, Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Good for many years if kept dry & in cool conditions.
External use only.

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