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Jade Roller Massage Tool

  • Jade Roller Massage Tool
  • Jade Roller Massage Tool

Jade Roller Massage Tool in Rose Quartz Crystal, Amethyst Quartz Crystal, or Tiger's Eye Opal

Facial Point Stimulation

Lifting & Firming

Jade Skin Rollers increase blood flow, reducing puffiness & fine lines with consistent use. Hand crafted in Thailand with the finest materials, genuine crystal & opal, and premium acacia wood handles.

For Morning:
• Splash with water.
• Drip 3 drops Nourish &Replenish Oil
into the palm of your hand.
• Spray 5 pumps of Mineral Mist directly
into the oil
• Apply to the skin. Massage.
• DAILY: Align & Drain

For Evening:
• Apply 6-8 drops of NO EVIL, Seeds
of Change, or other suitable oil for oil
cleansing. Massage with fingertips.
• Remove by pressing a steamy washcloth
to the skin and wiping away the oil.
• Repeat steamy washcloth if desired.

DAILY: Align & Drain withyour roller massage tool
WEEKLY: Align, Breakdown, Drain: For gentle rejuvenation as a cleansing ritual, make the skin "slightly nervous, slightly excited to promote a response that entices the immune system to clean-up old conditions.
MONTHLY: Align, Breakdown, Contour, Drain:
Great before an event or as a monthly renewal. Only for use in skin that is functioning

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