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Integrity Mineral Mist


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Holy Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum), with it’s glorious aroma, has been called the “elixir of life” and is believed to promote longevity because of it’s unique ability to “remind” the cells of the messages they began with so that they continue to reproduce like younger cells.

• Healing
• Peaceful
• Warming

Great for those who experience
• Infection
• Scarred Skin
• Wound Healing
• Environmental Damage
• Stress Bumps that don’t heal

And may be looking to
• Find your place in the world

How to Use
Place 3 drops of Nourish & Replenish in your palm and then mist 5-6 pumps of Mineral Mist directly into the oil to emulsify the two. Massage into your face. You may also mist into a cream or lotion to increase mineral content and hydration.

In addition, you may also mist it directly onto skin and around your body or spray it directly into a cream or lotion. Not only is this directly benefiting you topically and allowing you to absorb more minerals though the skin, but you will get further aroma-therapeutic benefit from the incredible scent of each of the herbs. Mineral Mists can also make a great addition to any mask. Use a few mists in addition to the water portion of a mask. Too much will make you tingle if you are low in certain minerals.

About Mineral Mists
The main purpose of our Mineral Mists is to emulsify them directly into your Nourish & Replenish Oil to create a Moisture Duo. Using a Mineral Mist in this way will improve the absorption of the oil because the force of the spray is physically “forcing” the oil and the water to become an immediate “emulsion” without an emulsifier or a preservative. This is important so that both the “oil” portion and the “water” portion are able to reach and be recognized by both the hydrophilic and the lipophilic cells of your skin.

Our Mineral Mists are created from a distillation process that mimics water’s natural cycle – vaporizing from the earth and condensing into pure rain and settling into mineral-rich pockets of earth. Hydrosols are steam-distillations through plant materials which grab onto the essences (water soluble phyto-nutrients) of flowers & herbs. We then re-mineralize our hydrosols with calcium, magnesium, potassium and over 70 trace elements which are vital to cells for generating energy and cellular communication. This is important because the skin is a semi-permeable organ. It decides what it wants to invite in or keep out. This function serves us well by allowing optimal trans-epidermal absorption of the minerals specific to your skin’s needs, without the negative side-effects that you could get from taking them internally.

Hydro-distillates of Holy Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum), magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, and potassium bicarbonate (from an ancient sea bed 1500-2000 meters deep in the earth) over 70 trace minerals in varying amounts from the Great Salt Lake.

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