Facial Stimulation Wands

  • Facial Stimulation Wands

Stainless Wands for Facial Point Stimulation

Facial Point Stimulation to Support Cellular Communication, Immune Function, and Digestion

Facial Point Stimulation is a healing therapy similar to reflexology or acupressure. In this practice, specific areas or points on the face are gently stimulated using fingers, our Facial Point Stimulation Wands (pictured in the video above and available to purchase at our workshops) and precious stones such as jade, rose quartz and amethyst.

By stimulating specific areas on the face, we also increase blood flow to the many points that pass through our face that have a connection with each of the organs and glands of the body. Many of these points and zones coincide with Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic teachings, and energy meridians. Regular sessions (you can do it yourself!) can result in improved circulation, enhanced body system functioning and a more relaxed nervous system.

Though there are many points that we use, there are two “sets” that are particularly useful to those who experience the uncomfortable symptoms of eczema. They are the Inflammation set and the Digestion and Elimination sets. You can use this technique at home to improve your body’s ability to eliminate as well encourage a “normalized” immune response.

After you have applied your Moisture Duo and massaged it in, press and stimulate each point with your finger knuckle (tip could work too), one of our unique wands or a precious stone for 3-6 seconds and release. Follow the charts and directions for each set in the linked article: Relief for Over Reactive Skin