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Facial Point Stimulation


Image of Facial Point Stimulation

This relaxing spa service uses the practitioners fingers as well as lovely facial massage tools to gently stimulate whole areas as well as specific points on the face in order to improve the appearance of the skin as well as bring about a general feeling of wellness and relaxation. Hot stones are usually placed under the neck to enhance relaxation and the flow of energy during the consultation, which continues through much of the massage.

Facial Point Stimulation is similar to acupressure or reflexology in that using a point on the surface of one part of the body, sends a reflexive message to the subtle body and resonates within certain organ systems. It is a time-proven energetic modality that allows the practitioner and the client to focus on internal balance in the body’s quest for total equanimity within all organ systems, increasing overall vitality. We developed this method over many years of clinical practice to simplify obfuscated ancient teachings and return healing back to the self.

It is our intention for each client to leave feeling comfortable giving themselves an at-home massage, thus bringing self-care into your own hands.

Facial Point Stimulation is not used to “treat” any disease, but to enhance total vibrancy. In order to determine what your individual needs are, this service always includes a self-care consultation. You will leave with a unique Facial Point Stimulation Massage Wand and a package of our Facial Point Stimulation Moisture Duo (Nourish & Replenish + Mineral Mist) as well as worksheets with individualized home care massages.

This service is not a full facial and does not include steaming, masks, or extractions. It may, however be added onto a facial for $105.

Initial Service {60 minutes. $120}
Continuing Services {60 minutes. $80}
Package {1 Initial Service, 3 Continuing Services. $320}