Cow Fart Cream

  • Cow Fart Cream
  • Cow Fart Cream

Cow Fart Cream forms an occlusive, protective layer with its balanced blend of natural oils, pure rosewater, goat milk, and honey. It is formulated to either be used on its own (with a slight hint of our traditional Cow Fart Botanicals) or in conjunction with Cow Fart Juice and Cow Fart Activator to help your problem skin to return to a place of natural calmness.

Cow Fart Cream nourishes and protects areas of the skin that tend to be exposed to harsh elements or that are particularly effected by them.

How to Use
Use alone as a general protector, or apply over your Cow Fart Juice to hold it onto compromised areas under your clothes or as you sleep. Wonderful over rough feet, elbows, and knees. Use with Cow Fart Activator on itchy skin.


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