Cow Fart Cleanser
Healing Herbal Wash

  • Cow Fart Cleanser<br><i>Healing Herbal Wash</i>
  • Cow Fart Cleanser<br><i>Healing Herbal Wash</i>

Cow Fart Cleanser is a simple gel cleanser that can be used directly on the skin and scalp or can be added to a bath for a non-irritating bubble bath.
We use a highly intoxicating blend of healing herbs that have natural anti-microbial (anti-bacterial, anti-viral, & anti-fungal) properties. May be helpful for itchy skin, certain rashes and chronic skin conditions, scalp imbalance & other various skin disorders.

Specially formulated to gently clean skin that is prone to inflammation and dryness while the herbal benefits of camphor, holy basil, and other “Cow Fart Botanicals” serve to soothe the senses as they promote healthy skin.

How to Use
• For a body wash: Pump 1 tsp into your wet hands or a washcloth and rub together. Apply to your body and rinse under warm water.
• For a scalp wash: Pump 1/4-1/2 tsp into your wet hands and rub together to create a lather. Apply directly to the scalp. Massage with fingertips. Rinse immediately with warm water and follow with cool water.
• For a bubble bath: Pump 1 tsp into tub as it is filling with water. Swish the water vigorously with your hands to produce more bubbles. Enjoy soaking in your bath for up to 20 minutes.

For external use only.

We highly recommend using in conjunction with a Cow Fart Juiceand Cow Fart Activatorfor eczema-like conditions.

Apply as a spot treatment (1 drop) over compromised or wounded skin. This is not a moisturizer.
• Use as an oil cleanser (or pre-cleansing oil for double-cleansing) on skin that has open wounds or is prone to infection.
• Use to soothe itchy patches on skin by mixing 3 drops with 5 sprays of Mineral Mist massaging into the irritated area several times a day.
For external use only.

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