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Holistic Skin Care Treatments

Our skin on our face ages more rapidly than the rest of our body because of exposure, delicacy and sometime, abuse. Treating oneself to a regular facial is one of the best ways to combat the effects of time, stress, and environmental factors on your skin. Email for an Appointment today. {}

Facial Offerings

▪ Level I Facial Treatment: The ideal balance of relaxation with deep cleansing. Facial cleansing is followed by steam and massage, gentle exfoliation, thorough extractions, herbal stone treatment and masque. 60-80 minutes {$169}

▪ Level II Facial Treatment: Supplements the Level I facial with a choice between our Collagen Infusion with a Soothing Eye Treatment or a Phototherapy Treatment (depending on your skin’s needs). 80-100 minutes {$278}

▪ Level III Facial Treatment: 
Our most advanced facial, which combines the benefits of Levels I & II with the rejuvenating effects of Phototherapy in a broad-spectral light range customized to your specific needs. We also include a Balancing Peel and Facial Point Stimulation, with absolutely amazing results! 80-100 minutes {$369} 

Healing Phototherapy

Phototherapy is the use of specific light emitting diodes within a broad range of color-frequencies to penetrate deep below the skin’s surface and encourage new-cell growth for healthier,  more radiant skin. Benefits reported include: better elasticity,  firmer skin tone,  evenness of skin tone,  diminished evidence of old scars,  less visible pores and fewer break-outs.

▪ Environmental Damage: Great for fine lines, dark spots, sagging skin and enlarged pores. 45-60 minutes. {$180 per treatment or 6 Treatment Package for $144 per treatment}

▪ Couperose/Capillary Therapy: Reduces redness and improves overall capillary health (people with rosacea see great results). 45-60 minutes.  {$180 per treatment or 6 Treatment Package for $144 per treatment}

▪ “Anti-Acne” Blue Light Therapy: Blue light has traditionally been used to improve the condition of acne and break-out prone skin by relaxing pores, reducing inflammation and killing bacteria while maintaining the integrity of the acid mantle. 45-60 minutes. {$550 for 4 sessions – weekly for 4 weeks}


Basic Skincare Consultation

Come sit down with our Herbalist & Skincare Specialist and discuss your personal skin’s history and any possible issues you may be experiencing. Learn about the holistic method of caring for your skin and keeping it clear, beautiful, and healthy. You will be guided through a step by step process of cleansing and caring for your face. Leave with a thorough understanding of how to best heal any past skin damage and a customized method of caring for your particular skin needs. (Does not include facial or treatments) 60 minutes {$120}

Basic Holistic Health & Herbal Consultation

A crucial step in going chemical-free! Includes a personalized evaluation of your skin condition from our Herbalist & Skincare Specialist {similar to above} as well as a more holistic overview of lifestyle and environmental factors that can influence personal health. Recommended Herbs will be available for purchase, if needed.  (Does not include facial or treatments) 60 minutes {$120}

Advanced Skincare Protocols

Eye Brow Design

Shape your brows to best suit your face!
$30 stand-alone 
$20 add-on to Level 1 facial, Level 2 facial, or Phototherapy 
$15 add-on to Level 3 Facial

Balancing Peel

Peels remove dead skin, make extractions easy and promote cellular renewal, bringing a vibrant glow to the skin and extending the life of a facial. Peels can be customized for any skin type. The type of peel is determined during skin consultation. Please be prepared to stay out of direct sunlight for 48 hours after a peel. 30 minutes. {$110}
Add a soothing, healing masque {+$25}

Ultrasonic Eye Lift 

Ultrasonic waves smooth out the eye area while DMAE and Calming Herbs penetrate the skin, thereby tightening the under-eye area, reducing the appearance of fine lines dark circles.
 30-45 minutes {$130}

Collagen Infusion 

Uses collagen infused with natural hyaluronic acid and herbs to firm your skin and plump fine lines with this relaxing ultra-sonic treatment. 30 minutes {$130}

All our treatments are tailored to each client's particular needs. All special requests and concerns are welcome.