In brief, what our clients have to say about us:

I use these products called Between You and the Moon, by the facialist Emma Graves…They’re made in Redhook [Brooklyn] and they’re super super super natural. There’s a grain cleanser that you mix with water in your hand, called Sow Your Wild Oats. Then I use an oil, Nourish and Replenish. And she does a kind of old- fashioned cold cream that I use as a moisturizer, called Agnes. So I use those three things and go in for facials every three months or as often as I can. She’s very organic, earthy, with very good skin—I’ve had lots of facials and I like hers a lot. 

SALLY SINGER, EDITOR IN CHIEF, T Magazine to Into the Gloss

I am not exaggerating when I say that Emma has changed my life. Thanks to her, her facials and her products, my skin is stronger, healthier and better looking than I ever thought possible. She has erased ALL of the stress and anxiety I used to have about my skin; I no longer wear concealer, because I no longer have anything to conceal! Better still, Emma's kindness and thoughtfulness make it a pleasure to work with her. I've lived in New York City for almost a decade and have been to practically every facialist and dermatologist in the tri-state area.

Emma is the best.

vL, November 2012, personal submission via email

The redness around my nose has gone away, the marks on the cheeks look much more calm, and my skin is feeling like skin! The tone looks healthy and, instead of being peely/oily/dehydrated/confused, the texture feels balanced. I went to work without make-up today for the first time ever and it felt wonderful. Thank you so very much.

Danielle, 20's

I LOVE the scent of the hydrosol clear complexion. I mix it with a few drops of the magick potion lotion and it really IS like magic...Your products are amazing, you should open a store in LA :) 

Antje, mid-40's, with aging and oily (often acne prone) skin (t-zone)

My face said "thank you"

The first time I went to Valley I got a facial from Emma. It was my first facial ever and it felt great. She was so nice and delicate and well informed about all natural beauty/facial products. As soon as I got home I threw away all of my facial products that had "rocket fuel" in them-basically any ingredients you cannot pronounce. I started using Emma's homemade products and from then on my face has looked and felt great. In fact I swear I heard my face say "thank you" when I first put on her moisturizer. I have since been back and encourage anyone who's interested in using products that are nice to your skin to do so as well.

Susan 11/10/10 on Cityseach

I've been seeing Emma for facials for several years now, and have been using her product line since she began it. She is absolutely and without question the best. I started working with her after I had a small tumor removed from my nose, resulting in a scar. Emma carefully, slowly, and gently faded my scar out--not by attacking it, but by healing my skin. I've got difficult skin, and have always struggled with acne, but she's healed me pretty much completely on that front. Her approach is counter to that of many aestheticians: she doesn't believe in drying everything out, killing your skin as you try to kill a blemish. Instead, her products and facials feed your skin and make it very, very happy. You need to give the process some time--in my case, I spent years wrecking my skin with drying lotions and medications, so it stood to reason that it took a while for everything to start feeling better. But Emma's completely natural products work WITH your body, not against it, so once things start to clear up they stay that way--your skin is ACTUALLY HEALTHIER, instead of just suppressing the bad stuff. The difference for me is just amazing. I should add that Emma's facials are a true pleasure--they're my absolutely favorite luxury, really a pleasure. And she's pretty wonderful: really knowledgeable and smart, very passionate about what she does, extremely empathetic and kind and engaged. I've been through the mill at many of the best-known aesthetics places in town--places that are MUCH more expensive, too--and I can tell you for sure Emma's the best.

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By (name withheld Female, 38) - Jan 24, 2010

I have been going to Emma for over a year now, and she is amazing! I have had problem skin since I was 13 (I'm 33 now) and since I've been using her products my skin has never been better! For the first time in a long time, I can leave the house without concealer and foundation without feeling like a monster. And since I no longer stupidly dry my skin out with harsh products, my brow furrow has plumped up. Her facials themselves are wonderful, and very thorough. And she gives the best massage! I can't recommend her enough! 100% worth the money! I'll admit at first I thought she was crazy for telling me to put more oil on my already oily skin, but I've learned to listen to her. She knows what she's talking about!‎“it’s been a few days and my skin is literally glowing – my boyfriend even said something!! This was the real deal. She took such good care of me (it is so hard to find somebody who does good extractions) and really helped me understand what she was doing throughout the facial, which lasted a solid two hours. I’ve never had such a thorough facial. She didn’t upsell products to me the whole time, which is so annoying – instead she recommended a few of her products and how to incorporate them into my regimen. I didn’t buy everything she recommended because I needed to budget, but when I go back I will stock up on all of it because so far I am loving all of it”

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By (name Withheld Female, 33) - Jan 22, 2010

Years ago, when I first started seeing Emma, I was trying to figure out how to explain to my friends just how amazing and special she is! That’s when I started calling her “The Pimple Whisperer” - for her unique ability to read and understand my skin. She’s not just another esthetician, she’s a teacher and a chemist. Emma has taught me so much about my skin, about why each blemish arises where it does and how to avoid that in the future. She’s passionate about a natural and holistic approach to curing each person’s problems. And she concocts these amazing potions (her Between You and the Moon products) by hand in her very own laboratory. How many people can say that? But the true testament to how great she and her technique is, is that most people constantly tell me I’m glowing and my skin looks radiant. That’s only part of the reason why I think Emma is the best (her personality is kind of awesome too). As much as I want to keep Emma’s skills my own little secret, that’s not fair to the rest of the world.

Thank you, Emma for ridding me of my adult acne and helping walk out of your warm cozy workspace into the world with confidence to spare!

Ariana B., Female 20’s / Acne Skin December 2009