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Sow Your Wild Oats Organic Grain Cleanser


Image of Sow Your Wild Oats Organic Grain Cleanser
  • Image of Sow Your Wild Oats Organic Grain Cleanser

Our Organic Grain Cleanser, Sow Your Wild Oats combines colloidal forms of oats, legumes, milk and herbs to form a gentle, cleansing and exfoliating facial wash. It relies on both the physical nature as well as the actions of the plant matter to gently remove layers of dead skin and intra-cellular debris (sometimes called “toxins”--your skin IS an organ of elimination!).


• Powerful enough to get benefits with use 1-2x’s week, yet gentle enough for daily use.
• Ouch-less and tasteless in delicate areas
• Visually clear
• Quiet and peaceful

Great for those who experience:

• Enlarged or clogged pores
• Blackheads and milia (always use with NO EVIL!)
• Hardened Stress Bumps
• The ghosts of pimples past
• Post-inflammation hyper-pigmentation
• Thick skin/environmental damage

And may be looking for:

• Exfoliation: Removal of dead skin cells and intercellular debris so that other products may penetrate better
• An awesome post-cleanser for the double-cleansing method
• A lovely weekly skincare ritual

How to begin using Sow Your Wild Oats into your rituals and skin care regimen:

As a grain cleanser: 3-6 times/week.
• Apply over 10-15 drops of NO EVIL, Cow Fart Juice or Seeds of Change to your face first or add the oil directly to the grains before adding water. It is wonderful to put it on before a shower and massage with your warm, wet fingertips before you remove in the shower--be sure to still use your washcloth!

As a “scrub”: 3-6 times/week
• Shake or measure out a flat quarter-size pile (1 tsp) into the palm of your hand.
• Count 10-15 drops of a Supportive Skincare Oil into the SYWO.
• Add a little warm water (1 tsp) and mix with fingertips.
• Apply evenly to face and massage well.
• Remove with a warm, damp cloth.

As an exfoliating mask. Weekly for most, 2x’s/week if there are drastic changes that need to made:
• Mix Sow Your Wild Oats in equal parts (1 tsp grain + 1 tsp liquid) with any of the following ingredients:
• 1 tsp SYWO + 8-10 drops oil + 1 tsp water
Our Sow Your Wild Oats Cleansing Grains, when made into a weekly exfoliating mask, have the added benefit of further breaking down the cell walls of each individual herb. This increases the power of the “action” of the herbs as well as provides a more intense exfoliation due to the naturally present salicylic acid in organic and wildcrafted herbs.

To rehab the external biome:
• 1 tsp SYWO + 1/2 tsp Biome Rehabilitation Peel + 5 drops NO EVIL + 1 tsp warm water

For healing:
• 1 tsp SYWO + 1 1/2 tsp water + 1/4 tsp honey
• Mix a small amount of honey with the full amount of water before mixing into SYWO

For hyper-pigmentation:
• 1 tbsp SYWO + 1 tbsp yogurt and let sit for up to an hour before applying to skin.

To add more minerals, nutrients and plant essences:
• 1 tsp SYWO + 24 sprays Mineral Mist (mist often while enjoying your nurturing treatment.)

Add Stress Bump Herbal Tea:
• 1 tsp SYWO + 1 tsp Inner Strength Tea or one of our Stress Bump Teas
• Make it strong and let it steep for 5 minutes, then add to oats and allow to cool to just above warm before applying.
• Leave on mask for about 10 minutes and rinse with a warm, wet cloth.

Ingredients: Organic Gluten-free Oats, Organic Garbanzo Bean, Organic Fava Bean, Cultured Dry Milk (Lactose), Organic Elder Flowers, Organic Rosebuds, Organic Chickweed, Organic Yarrow Flowers, Organic Cumin, Organic Blue Violet Leaf, Organic Neem Leaf, Organic Coriander Seed, Organic Gotu Kola Leaf, Organic Plantago

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