Seeds of Change

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Seeds of Change: Facial Moisture & Renewal Oil
Botanical renewal for Mature, Sun- damaged, Wrinkled, Scarred and Hardened Skin. Use on Face and Body. These antioxidant oils pressed from organic seeds help to renew the skin’s surface by encouraging cellular turnover and sloughing off damaged skin cells. High levels of healthy fatty acids calm inflammation, leaving skin radiant.

Use at night: First cleanse your face (We recommend using Sow Your Wild Oats). Then mix 4 - 6 drops of Seeds of Change Oil in your palm with 4 -6 spritzes of your Mineral Mist. Massage into face for 1 minute and allow to absorb.

Made using beautiful Organic cold-pressed oils, including Black Cumin Seed, Cranberry Seed, and Broccoli Seed.

1oz and 2oz sizes available.