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NO EVIL: Oil Cleansing made simple


• No fragrance or intense scent
• Ouch-less and Tasteless in delicate areas
• Visually clear
• Quiet and peaceful

Great for those who experience:

• Sensitivity, Irritation and re-activity
• Enlarged or clogged pores
• Blackheads and Milia
• Hardened Stress Bumps

And May Be Looking For:

• An awesome pre-cleanser for the double-cleansing method or under a mask
• Extra protection from harsh environmental conditions
• Extra protection for the delicate areas around the nose, eyes, lips, and ears
• Make-up removal, forgiveness of sins

How to begin working no evil into your rituals and skin care regimen:

• As an oil-cleanser: Apply 10-15 drops to dry skin. Massage for a good, long enjoyable time with warm, damp fingertips. Keep on adding a little more water. This is great to do in the shower—put the oil on before you get in! Always remove by holding a steamy, wet washcloth to the area and gently wiping away.

• As a pre-cleanser in the double cleansing method. Oil cleanse as above and cleanse again using Sow Your Wild Oats, One of our Clay Mixes or LOMAH.

• Apply 10 drops before a shower, facial steam, or masque to improve results. Always remove with a warm, wet washcloth.

• Reactive skin does well using NO EVIL as part of a moisture duo. Spray 5 mists of your favorite Between You & the Moon mineral mist directly into 3 drops NO EVIL, rub together and massage into clean skin.

• No evil also protects the delicate skin near the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. In the morning, after applying your moisture Duo, drip 1-2 drops onto your fingertips and smooth over sensitive areas that may be exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Ingredients: 100% pure olive squalene potentiated with Little Falls quartz to energize the molecules into a vibrational frequency that is more readily recognized by skin cells.

Further resources:
Video Demonstration by Emma

About Oil Cleansing

One of the fundamental principles of chemistry is “like dissolves like”. Oil Cleansing utilizes natural oils to break up oil-based residues and grab bacteria and other debris that can be present in oxidized sebum, making them easily wiped from the skin’s surface without changing pH or disturbing the beneficial flora that resides there.

When to Pre-Cleanse with an Oil Cleanser:

• At night, when skin is congested or in need of makeup-removal. Both oily skin and dry skin do well with Oil Cleansing.
• Before a double-cleansing ritual such as Sow Your Wild Oats.
• Before a hot shower or steam room. Apply before getting in, massage under the moist heat and remove with a cloth.
• While using an herbal steamer
• Under a Clay Mask (Do not remove before applying the mask)

How to Oil Cleanse:

• Decant a full dropper (10-15 drops) of NO EVIL into your palm. Rub your hands together to warm the oil and smooth over your dry face.
• Using slow, firm motions across the skin, massage the oil deeply into your pores. Take your time, breathe out your stress, and unwind. Work the oil especially into congested areas so that the oxidized oil (blackheads) and other debris can be melted and lifted away.
• Wet your clean, textured wash cloth with steamy water (90-105 degrees F), wring it out so that it is slightly damp and hold over the most congested follicles (usually down the mid-line of the face) in order to release the debris from the pore.
• Wipe gently away, rinse cloth and reapply the wet cloth as needed to completely remove the oil.
• When needed, follow with with Sow Your Wild Oats as a grain cleanser for double cleansing.