No Evil


100% Natural skin protector that removes make-up as it nourishes delicate skin. Eye, ear, nose, and lip protector for those delicate mucus membrane areas. {Also has been known to remove evil on contact.}

Is it gone?

The peeling around your nose...check.
The goo near your earring holes...check.
Dry lips...check. (So good before bed)
Cracked cuticles...check
Chapped winter eyes...yep
Sore dryness up the nostril...that too.
Extra big smile lips...uh huh.

There is NO EVIL to be found.

Remove make-up & Double-Cleanse: Pour up to 1 dropper-full in palms and massage over dry skin and makeup at night. Work the oil into pores to release oil based debris. Cover face with a steaming towel to remove oil. Repeat towel 2x’s. Follow with normal cleansing with Sow Your Wild Oats.