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Holistic Introduction Collection


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Perfect for bringing skin back to its most healthy and detoxified state. We developed these products to work together synergistically and compliment the natural balance of your skin and your environmental peace. No preservatives, stabilizers, fillers, or any other toxins are added. Plus it comes in a biodegradable jute sack. You don’t need too much, just a few good ones that do the following:

Cleanse & Make-up Removal
Moisture Duo
Mask & Steam
Wound Care

Sow Your Wild Oats {Organic Grain Cleanser}
Nourish & Replenish and Holy Cow Mineral Mist {Combine for your Moisture Duo}
No Evil {Double-Cleansing Oil}
Pore Refining Clay {Masque & Spot Treatment}
Herbal Steamer {Seasonal Herbal Treatment}
Cow Fart Goo {anti-bacterial, anti-viral, & anti-fungal healing salve}

Original Cost: $128
We give the Collection a 25% discount = $96

Why go Holistic?
Our skin is our largest organ and our first defense against sickness. Strong, vibrant skin is key for our well-being and daily happiness. Each individual needs to discover a balance to achieve healthy, glowing skin. That balance is found between heat-elements and cooling elements, the right pH, and a good mix of natural oils and water. Skin conditions are created by imbalance—either internally or on the surface. Our Holistic Herbal products work in harmony with the natural processes of your skin to find the correct balance. We are healing your skin from the outside in, not just covering up a problem.

Why use Traditional Herbal Wisdom?
Our Herbal Wisdom comes from thousands of years of human experience and traditions that span the globe. People have been using the gifts of mother nature to heal their skin and have fortunately passed on these secrets to their daughters for millennium. In our time of drugstore convenience and big pharma, it is easy to forget this incredible resource of healing we have inherited from our ancestors. Combining the knowledge of herbalism and modern aesthetician practices has allowed us to create unique formulas with truly natural ingredients to address today's skin issues.

How do we make these goods?
We source the BEST ingredients available - always organic or sustainably wild-crafted if possible, and the closer to home, the better. We know and trust our farms and producers. Using our original recipes, we handcraft small batches of all our products at our workshop in Brooklyn. {Please come visit!} We use everything we make on ourselves and our families. Most importantly, we focus our love and energy towards our goods. Enjoy the benefits of returning your skin to its loveliest, most natural state.