Facials: Level 1, 2 & 3

Image of Facials: Level 1, 2 & 3


Level I Facial Treatment 60-80 minutes {$169}
The ideal balance of relaxation with deep cleansing. Facial cleansing is followed by steam and massage, gentle exfoliation, thorough extractions, herbal stone treatment and masque.

Level II Facial Treatment 80-100 minutes {$278}
Supplements the Level I facial with a choice between our Collagen Infusion with a Soothing Eye Treatment or a Phototherapy Treatment (depending on your skin’s needs).

Level III Facial Treatment 80-100 minutes {$369}
Our most advanced facial, which combines the benefits of Levels I & II with the rejuvenating effects of Phototherapy in a broad-spectral light range customized to your specific needs. We also include a Balancing Peel and Facial Point Stimulation, with absolutely amazing results!

Master Level III Facial Treatment 100 minutes+ {$395}
A deluxe Level III Facial, including all of the above, given by Master Aesthetician Emma Graves. In addition to Perfection Phototherapy, the Peel appropriate for your skin's needs, and Facial Point Stimulation, Emma will include additional treatments and attention to your individual condition. Her expertise extends to recommendations for supportive aftercare as well as diet and health advice.

All our treatments are tailored to each client’s particular needs. All special requests and concerns are welcome.