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Facial Point Stimulation Therapy

Image of Facial Point Stimulation Therapy


What is Facial Point Stimulation?

Facial Point Stimulation is a healing therapy similar to reflexology, acupressure, Dien Cham, and Gua Sha, in which certain areas or specific points of the face are gently manipulated or stimulated using wand-type tools, fingers and precious stones such as jade and quartz.

How does Facial Point Stimulation work?

By applying the Facial Point Stimulation techniques, we can increase blood flow to the many “points” that pass through our face. These points and zones coincide with acupuncture points and energy meridians. Regular sessions can result in improved circulation, enhanced body system functioning and a more relaxed nervous system.

This service includes a 20 minute consultation as part of the total, relaxing service. All of our facials and phototherapy sessions include FPS.

50 minutes.

Each treatment is tailored to your particular needs. Your special requests and concerns are always welcome. Please notify us when you make your appointment.