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Cow Fart Juice


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A highly intoxicating blend of healing herbs that have natural anti-microbial (anti-bacterial, anti-viral, & anti-fungal) properties. May be helpful for certain rashes, athlete’s foot, nail fungus & other various skin disorders. In addition, Cow Fart Juice has elements of what the skin needs in order to produce a higher amount of elastin during collagen production, leading to less scarring and firmer, plumper skin.


• Healing
• Potent

Great for those who experience:

• Severe breakouts with scarring
• Fungal issues
• Cold sores

And may be looking for:

• Deep healing
• Reestablishing a healthy biome

How to begin working Cow Fart Juice into your rituals and skin care regimen:
• Apply 1 drop directly and gently to the affected area after your Moisture Duo.
• Use as an oil cleanser (or pre-cleansing oil for double-cleansing) on skin that has open wounds or is prone to infection

Our top five answers to the question "Why is it called cow fart juice?"
• One. Because it ain't bullsh**
• Two. Because the healing herbs of cow fart juice are part of a mixture of weeds that make up the cows natural diet and the grassy smell that is faintly of the French countryside and its dairy air. (derrière!)
• Three. Because this mixture of healing herbs has traditionally been used on livestock to heal the perineum after birth.
• Four. It's an ironic farce based on the idea that conventional products sometimes repackage waste products as healthy.
• Five. It reminds us to keep a sense of humor about our work. Skin issues are deeply sensitive topic and much of our sense of well-being is tied to how we feel about our skin or in our skin. Sometimes we get so caught up in the idea of promises and controlling the skin that we forget to stop and smell the cow farts.

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