Clear Complexion Mineral Mist


Foeniculum & Lavander with Essential Minerals

Characteristics: Balancing, Drawing, Clarifying
Traditional Uses: Oil bumps, Papules, Pustules, Peri-oral Dermatitis, Little Red Forehead Bumps, Spirituality (finding internal power)

Spray a few mists of a mineral mist before applying your Nourish and Replenish Oil (and perhaps a few more as you massage it in!) These delicate sprays pack a potent amount of essence which help to renew the YOU who YOU are on a number of levels.

Our distillation process mimics water’s natural cycle – vaporizing from the earth and condensing into pure rain. Hydrosols are steam-distillations through plant materials which absorb the essences of flowers & herbs. We then re-mineralize our hydrosols with calcium, magnesium and potassium, which are vital to cells for generating energy. Mist frequently onto your hydrophilic (water-loving) skin cells and enjoy!