Biome Rehabilitation Peel & Cleanser


The Biome Rehabilitation Peel is not simply about exfoliation, but about re-foliation; lovingly nourishing the “life” of our depleted personal eco-system.

This fresh and vibrant peel is instrumental in rehabilitating and revitalizing the topical biome. This is an active product. You may feel it as cooling and invigorating at the same time. You can expect some redness where the peel was immediately following removal. It will subside. Can also be used as a hand or foot soak or added (1tsp) to a Sow Your Wild Oats Mask.

Directions for Use: Mix 2 parts peel with 3 parts water. Apply NO EVIL to face first, then spread evenly on skin. Keep mask on for up to 20 Minutes. Press into the mask with a warm, wet washcloth and wipe it away gently one area at a time. Follow with Facial Moisture Duo: Either Nourish & Replenish Oil + your Mineral Mist or Seeds of Change + your Mineral Mist

Our Biome Rehabilitation Foaming Cleanser is a useful first step in rehabilitating a topical biome that has found itself in the precarious position of having an overabundance of malicious microorganisms and a deficiency of beneficial flora. This is the foundation of a care regimen for those experiencing ongoing bacterial infection as well as proliferation of fungus, viral issues and other parasitic circumstances. This is not intended to replace medication, but to keep the area clean and support healing.

Shake before each use. Use 1-2 pumps per affected area. Massage into the area and remove with warm, wet washcloth or running water.
Follow with Moisture Duo (Face: Nourish & Replenish + Mineral Mist or Body: Infused Coconut Oil + Instant Alchemy)

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