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Baby Moon Bum Spray

Image of Baby Moon Bum Spray


Baby Moon Bum Spray is a gentle alternative to potentially irritating commercial baby wipes. It combines potent herbal hydrosols with infused Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Essential {super-cleansing} oil to cleanse and protect bottoms, large and small. A small percentage (7%) of Organic Alcohol works well to kill bacteria and prevent diaper rash from occurring. Comes in a 2oz aluminum spray bottle, convenient for travel and your diaperbag.

Directions: Spray on a soft cloth and wipe baby with firm, yet gentle, motions when changing diaper. For crustier issues, hold a moistened cloth on the area for a moment before wiping. Also can be used to soothe and reduce momma’s external hemorrhoids post-partum. Enjoy our natural alternative to potentially irritating commercial baby wipes!