Holistic Philosophy

We believe..

We believe strongly that beneficial skin care lies in the micro and the macro of our lives. Where we live, what we breathe, how we eat, everything we touch affects our skin. Can 5 minutes of contemplation every day reduce inflammation? Can a snack of papaya and mango add a glow to your face? Can inhaling the sweet scent of organic herbs change your life? Yes, yes and yes! 

When it comes to the micro, we believe each individual needs to discover a balance to achieve healthy, glowing, vibrant skin. That balance is found between heat-elements and cooling elements, the right pH, and a good mix of natural oils and water. Skin conditions are created by imbalance—either internally or on the surface. Our products work in harmony with the natural processes of your skin to find the correct balance. We are healing your skin from the outside in, not just covering up a problem. 

Many skin care lines use harsh agents in their cleansers (like sulfates, petroleum derivatives or parabins) to strip the oils and water from your skin, and then use heavy (mineral oil-based) creams to try and repair the damage. If your skin feels dry and tight after using a cleanser, it is doing damage to your acid mantle and creating a topical environment that can lead to breakout, redness, flakiness, and fine lines. Conventional home care products contain baffling amounts of cancer-causing, toxic chemicals we don't know where to start. The new Brooklyn Herborium line uses effective, yet natural ingredients to accomplish all the tasks around the house. No one should have to choose between cleanliness and toxicity! 

Between You & The Moon and Brooklyn Herborium Skin Care Lines were developed in order to provide a complete line of healthy skin care and home care products while keeping your routine simple. We developed these products to work together synergistically and compliment the natural balance of your skin.You don't need 100 products, just a few good ones that do the job.

The Nitty-Gritty

We never use ANY petro-chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial ingredients or fillers. We consider them poisonous to our lives and yours. Each ingredient has been thoroughly researched, ethically sourced, and precisely balanced in our products, which we make in small batches by hand (with compassion and good intention) in our studio in Brooklyn, NY. 

We source local and organic ingredients as much as possible, but many specialty herbs and oils come from far away. For these products, we purchase from reputable fair-trade companies whenever possible and when a preservative system is needed, (such as in any oil/water emulsion) we use only plant-based, non-irritating ingredients. Many of these products (those without milk or honey) are certified vegan and (of course) we do not test on animals (except folk-singers). 

Our signature blue and frosted glass bottles preserve the integrity of the nutritional oils, essential oils and herbs. This type of glass (recycled and recycleable!) protects your lovely products and looks beautiful, even so, keep them out of direct sunlight. When you are finished, either reuse the containers or return them to us for reuse or recycling.

In Short

All of us deserve life-long naturally beautiful skin and improved health through skin care practices and ingredients that have been used around the world for thousands of years; passed down generation by generation. Between You & The Moon and Brooklyn Herborium were formed out of love for our close friends and family. Now that we are mothers, our passion for healing nontoxic skincare and home products has blossomed for our children. For we have the power to form our future. And their future. Namaste and Enjoy.