Herbal Crafter Apprenticeship: We are always looking for kind, inquiring minds with able hands and eager smiles to come and apprentice for us. We ask for 1 shift of work weekly for 3 months. Please inquire as to when the next session is beginning.

This apprenticeship teaches the art of herbal crafting through practice and hands-on making of our herbal goods. It includes making herbal goods, beginning with simple mixtures and ending with balm-making, also packaging/labeling the goods, cleaning up after the job, and learning to make tea for oneself and one’s companions to lift our collective spirits.

If you are interested, we will invite you for a Trial Work Day at the start of next 3 months. The Trial is a chance for us to see if we are a good fit for each other. Arriving on time, possessing a willing spirit, and exhibiting a sense of inquiry are musts. One must have the ability to follow directions and focus on the task at hand. If your schedule doesn't permit you to attend our production days (during the week), we sometimes make exceptions and allow apprentices to join us on weekends. 

This Apprenticeship is compensated in a product allowance.

Holistic Aesthetician Apprenticeship: Requires a NYS Aesthetician's License. A complete tutelage in the art of Holistic Treatments. Hours will vary per situation. Please inquire for details.

We hire all of our Herbal Crafters and Holistic Aestheticians from our apprenticeship programs.